Have you noticed the incredible amount of absolute horror stories in remodeling?

I don’t have to tell you that this is what is common.

Are you seeking the horror story experience for YOUR remodel?

...I didn’t think so.

Instead, let me introduce you to the



I’m Mike Lamondy.

I’ve been in the construction business for almost 20 years. I’ve worked on various projects ranging from small repairs to $20+ million-dollar remodel projects.

My experience working for other contractors led me to many different remodeling situations. All too often, I was sent to fix the problem areas left at the end of a job. The work was easy, but listening to the complaints wasn’t.

Master carpenter and skilled craftsman, adept in creating and/or reproducing even the finest of details. Clever project manager who is able to find answers quickly, keep to a schedule, and handle challenges delicately.

Always the same complaints over and over…

Wouldn’t it be scary spending $500,000 on a remodel just to claim a horror story as your own?

I used to wonder... how do these guys stay in business with so many unsatisfied customers?

Well, I’ve studied the problem areas long enough to figure out that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Through listening to the same complaints over and over, I discovered…

The 7 Secrets for a Successful Remodeling Experience

These revolutionary concepts will become tools you can put in your belt before even thinking about hiring for your remodel project.

Without them, you’re a horror story waiting to happen.

You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars claiming horror stories and still never learn these secrets.

Heck, most CONTRACTORS don’t even know them!

I’m passionate about helping homeowners have the BEST REMODELING EXPERIENCE EVER. That’s why I put together the Remodel Right Handbook!

In this handbook, you will discover the 7 Secrets for a Successful Remodeling Experience. If you will take the time to learn these concepts and apply them to your project, I guarantee that you will have the BEST REMODELING EXPERIENCE EVER.

Contact me today and ask me for a copy of the handbook

I look forward to meeting you,

Michael Lamondy

Bizmick Construction – Build Better.


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