Mike Lamondy birthed BizMick Construction out of a passion for excellence and as a solution to the oh-so-common complaints he heard over the years of experience with unsatisfied customers.

Our approach is simple and enjoyable. We exceed expectations with excellence at every stage of your project.


I was working as a finish carpenter for high-end new construction builders. After these builders finished a house there would always be a list of items that still needed to be completed or corrected. I had the privilege of being the craftsman who was sent to make the corrections after the homeowners had moved in. Of course, this also gave me the opportunity to hear complaints homeowners had about the whole process. I was bothered by the level of quality that these contractors seemed to allow and the number of repetitive complaints I heard from these unhappy customers. I thought, 'how do they stay in business with so many unsatisfied customers? This ought to be a simple process.' So, I started BizMick Construction to guarantee a simple process. After all, it's easy once you know how!


You need peace of mind when choosing a contractor and it's not fun to find out after-the-fact that you chose wrong. I believe in cultivating relationships and earning respect and trust. Our customers enjoy the simple process as we treat them like family through every phase. It's no secret why our customers rely on our work time and time again. Our family of Built Better customers confidently refer their friends and family knowing they can count on us.


If you're going to do something, do it with everything you've got. Do it well and be excellent. I live by this principle and I personally train each one of our craftsmen to apply this principle so that everything we do is done with excellence. It's common to hear our guys working on a fine detail say, “Perfect, that's good enough!” You can rest assured if BizMick is on the job that every detail is carefully crafted. Give us a shout today to experience excellence.


If you're at all like me you've spent lots of time thinking up ideas for your new dream space. I call this part of the project the dream stage. It's fun to imagine what kinds of changes can make the space your own. I believe that the design and build processes of turning that dream into reality ought to be just as fun. After all, you get to watch us take that old space and transform it into what you've been dreaming up. How awesome is that?


Kitchen Remodeling

For many families, the kitchen is the epicenter of your home. If your kitchen is not working for your needs, it’s time to remodel. BizMick Construction can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Basement Remodeling

Your basement has so much potential as additional living space. We can help convert it into anything from office space to extra bedrooms to a man cave and more!


Sometimes the only way to increase your living space is by adding square footage. BizMick will ensure that your home’s addition seamlessly coordinates with the design of the rest of your house.

Whole Home Remodeling

Bring your home into modern times with a beautiful whole home remodel. From the initial design process to the final walkthrough and beyond, BizMick is your partner in creating the home of your dreams.


BizMick utilizes a written code of conduct to ensure all sub-contractors, employees and professionals share the vision of our simple and enjoyable process. Everyone on the job knows what to expect and knows what is expected of them. In addition to that, our team of carpenters is trained to produce only the highest quality craftsmanship. They're friendly, courteous, and helpful. We're all on a mission together to enjoy the simple process.